Cable Float Switch Manufacturers, Exporters Suppliers in India, GUJARATThe Cable Float Level Switch is with simple structure of using micro switch or proximity switch or reed switch to control the contact and it is user friendly design for level measurement. The switches will send out ON or OFF contact signal output when the floating angle is larger than a certain degree where the state of the iron ball and reed switch will be changed for actuation.

Applications of Cable Float level Switch are in various industries like:

  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Chemical Industry

We offer a wide range of high quality Conductivity Level Switches which are mostly appropriate for use in conductive liquids such as Water/Waste and Non Foaming Liquids. These user friendly and low cost Switches are easy to install and do not require any calibration.

For different temperature ranges, applications and customer demands flowtech manufacture Cable Float Level Switches using different materials of construction from plastic to Stainless Steel. Flowtech also manufacture Cable Float Level Switches with chemical resistant polypropylene.