Flowtech has the experience of over 18 years in the manufacturing and supplying industry. Flowtech has a productive and experienced team of R&D Department and management with ISO 9001:2008 certification.Conductivity Type Level Switch Manufacturers in India, GUJARAT

Conductivity type level switches are used for liquids of conductivity not less than 25μ Siemens:

  • To avoid overflow
  • For switching off pumps when running dry and indicating an empty tank to avoid wear and tear and production stoppage
  • For maintaining a constant level to avoid material wastage

We manufacture conductivity type level switches of different sizes from ½" to 4" of maximum length of 10 meters for various fields like:

  • Food
  • Scientific laboratories
  • Power plants
  • Chemicals industries
  • Steel manufacturing industries
  • Minerals
  • Sugar
  • Detergent

Conductivity Type Level Switch Manufacturers in India, GUJARAT

Salient features of the switches by flowtech are;

  • Low cost with easy installation
  • High operating temperature and pressure
  • Voltage: 12 V AC (across probe & tank wall / grounding electrode)
  • Current: < 4 mA (between probe & tank wall / grounding electrode through liquid
  • Very fast response time of 0.5 second
  • No calibration required