Diesel Flow Meter ManufacturerDiesel flow meter is a device to measure linear, nonlinear, mass or wide flow rate and volume flow of low viscosity fluid in the closed pipeline. The meter is commonly used in oil, chemical, metal, aviation, scientific research and others. While choosing flow meters, user should consider these intangible factors as familiarity of plant.

It is primarily a positive displacement meter to measure the liquid flow or instant flow of the pipe. It is easy to handle and operate. By using a turbine measuring system, the potential to dispense liquids with ease and accuracy. It provides consistent performance in the vigorous application conditions.

Precise measurement is the sole method to check the dip-rod measurement standard on barrels. The meter provides outstanding protection from pilferage and limited supply that usually occur in this application.

Diesel Flow Meter Features

  • Linear feature
  • High accuracy
  • Extensive measurement range
  • Great accuracy at constant flow
  • Accuracy irrespective of pressure and temperature variations
  • Simple structure
  • Easy to install
  • Nominal maintenance
  • Install in line or at the end of the delivery hose


Diesel Flow Meter Applications

  • Furnace oil
  • Machine oil
  • Diesel, Petrol

Diesel Flow Meter Technical Specification

  • Made from : Cast iron and cast steel
  • Line size: 25 NB – 100 NB
  • Turbine measuring system
  • Pressure : 50 psi or 3,4 bar
  • Accuracy : -1%
  • Measures in Gallons, Liters, Pints and other units
  • Made from Anodized aluminum