Digital flow meter Manufacturer IndiaThis is working on the principle of Faraday's law which states that when a conductor moves through a magnetic field of a given strength a voltage is produced in the conductor and proportion to the relative velocity between the conductor and the magnetic field.

Digital flow meter has a wide range of application in many industries like:

  • Petroleum Products
  • Acid & Alkaline Solutions
  • Edible Oil
  • Food Stuff
  • Liquids of high viscosity
  • Pains & Varnishes
  • Corrosive liquids
  • Chemicals
  • Effluents
  • water

To accomplish our vision of providing its customers with the best quality of products at least cost Flowtech manufacturer Digital flow meters which are IS standardized and very cost friendly.
Digital flow meter Manufacturers, Exporters Suppliers in India, GUJARAT

Salient features of the flowtech Digital flow meters:

  • Nominal diameter from 15mm to 400mm for a wide range of purposes.
  • The material of Construction used is like MS, SS 304, and SS 316 & SS 316L for maximum life and durability.
  • Accuracy : ± 1% FSD Optional: ±0.5% FSD
  • Protection Class for Sensor : IP 65
  • Incline Flange Type of Installation
  • Cable Length for Remote : 10 meters
  • Repeatability : 0.3%
  • Power Supply : 230 VAC, 110 VAC & 24 VDC
  • Output: Std. 4 – 20 mA