Digital Water meter at Best Price in India - Suppliers & Manufacturers in IndiaDigital Water Meter is suitable for an extreme range of liquid flow measurement in fact with very low conductivity. Water flow meter is designed to provide users with quick, accurate and stable volumetric flow control for water. The water controller uses an internally compensated, laminar differential pressure measurement technology that can handle wide flow range.

It works on the principle of variable area, the fluid in the metal tube increase the float in the tapered tube increasing the area of fluid flow. The tube and float combination specifies the flowrate. The inner float magnetic field is identified by the highly sensitive magnetic field detections sensor.

We supply the digital water flow meters in different specifications. It features direct magnetic transmission, high accuracy, and nominal maintenance.

Digital Water Meter Features

  • Fit for high flow rate
  • Accurate water metering
  • Compatible with electrodes, liners and body materials
  • Dimensional stability
  • Easy to access front bleed ports for easy elimination of trapped air
  • Real time pressure readings
  • Tailored valve orifice

Digital Water Meter Applications

  • Water treatment plant
  • Oil
  • Chemical Plants

Digital Water Meter Technical Specification

  • Accuracy : ±5% of actual flow rate
  • Pulse and isolated 4 to 20 mA
  • Readings : 5000 to 10000
  • Compatible with conductive liquids : Minimum 20 micro Siemens
  • 100 psig sensor
  • Working Pressure : ≤ 1MPa