Double Window Sight GlassesDouble window sight glass is made from Borosilicate toughened glass in both side parallel to flow line. It is a flow indicator with a simple structure of two glasses on single cast, on the average body seems like a cross. It has two side flanges depending on customer requested standard dimensions. It is made to meet the process requirements. This type of flow indicator is used for spot inspection and view of the process parameter.

By using different parts full assembly of double window type sight flow indicator complete. Gaskets act like the cushion for borosilicate round toughened glass and prevent leakages from joint of transparent glass and body structure. Sight glass body end connection can also be a threaded end. The body length is designed as per DIN EN 558-1 standard.
Double Window Sight Glasses

  • Outstanding view to the flow and levels in the horizontal pipelines
  • Withstand high temperature and high pressure
  • Full vacuum service
  • Smooth performance
  • Corrosion resistant finish


  • For evaluating the function of steam traps in pipes
  • Power plants

Technical Specification

  • Size : 0.5 inch to 10 inch
  • Glass : Borosilicate glass tube oras
  • Medium : Steam, Condensate
  • End Connection : Flanged end, raised face
  • Maximum service temperature : 200oC
  • Maximum pressure rating: 25 kg/cm2