Float devices use the buoyancy of a float to indicate the liquid level in the tank. The chain is attached to a counterweight which indicates the level as the float moves up and down. These types of devices are often found on atmospheric storage tanks in OEMS, Petroleum & Pharmacy Industry and the specific gravity of the fluid should be more than 0.6 like oil tanks, large Acid tanks and the storage tanks of storage tanks of Oil, Fire / DM water Alkalis, Acids furnace Oils, Lube Oil, Vegetable Oil, Molasses, Glucose etc.Float & Board Level Indicator Manufacturers, Exporters Suppliers in India, GUJARAT

Flowtech is the leading manufacturer of float & Board level indicators in India and supplies its products to not just all major states of India but many overseas countries as well. The float we design as per the specific gravity of the liquid, floating on the liquid levels. The float connected to a pointer through Rope via a Sets of Pulleys, The pointer slides over a CM marked Board, Installed Parallel to the tank. For more than 3 meter height of the tank, we provide two guide wires firmly anchored to the tank bottom. So that horizontal movement of the float is restricted.

Salient features of the float & Board level indicators by Flowtech are:

  • Flowtech float & Board level indicators are available in different materials S.S.304/S.S.316/P.P./Teflon etc.
  • Flowtech offers vapor Seal Type float & Board type level Gauge which is generally used for tanks having corrosive fumes/vapors OR N­2 [Nitrogen] Purging tanks.
  • The float is connected to a magnetized counterweight moving in a sealed S.S. pipe & which drives a follower magnetized bicolor capsule inside a glass tube to indicate liquid level.
  • The pointer of the level indicator moves on a 150 mm width aluminum powder coated scale.
  • Vapors seals (Magnetic) for special applications like HCl, N2 purged tank, dilute alkalis, dilute HNO3, NH3 Methanol, Benzene, Toluene, IPA etc.
  • In vapor seal, there are no sealing liquids so we get absolute vapor tightness.