Flow meter Manufacturers, Exporters Suppliers in India, GUJARATFlowmeters are devices that measure the amount of liquid, gas or vapor that passes through them. Some flowmeters measure flow as the amount of fluid passing through the flowmeter during a time period (such as 100 liters per minute). Other flowmeters measure the totalized amount of fluid that has passed through the flowmeter (such as 100 liters).

Flowmeters consist of a primary device, transducer and transmitter. The transducer senses the fluid that passes through the primary device. The transmitter produces a usable flow signal from the raw transducer signal. These components are often combined, so the actual flowmeter may be one or more physical devices.

Flowtech has more than 18 years of experience of manufacturing and supplying flowmeters to not just states all over india but to various countries overseas as well. Based upon the liquid to be measured and uses in the industries and laboratories flowtech manufacture different flowmeters like Electromagnetic flow meter, Magnetic flow meter, Magnetic flow meter, Digital flow meter and Turbine Flow meter to meet the requirements of the clients. We provide only IS Certified products and have adopted ERP solution to manage our Marketing, Stores & Purchase Department and Tally system for our Accounts & Finance Department.