Hot Water Flow Meter at Best Price in India - Suppliers & ManufacturersHot Water Flow Meter is commonly used in measuring the flow rate of water. The meter is designed to different specifications with advanced industrial norms for meeting the different requirements of clients. The water flow meter is highly sensitive to low flow rates and very accurate over the whole flow range. It is sealed against tampering. The device doesn’t need regular maintenance and offers long service life.

It is used for different types of fluids like milk, cream, pharma liquids and fruit juices, sewage water, effluent water etc. It is suitable for water flow measurement in large diameter pipes.

Hot Water Flow Meter Features

  • High durability
  • Robust design
  • Precise control system
  • User-friendly
  • Compatible electrodes, liners and body materials
  • Economical price
  • Wafer style meter
  • Measurement results are independent of density and viscosity

Hot Water Flow Meter Technical Specification

  • Flange size: 19 mm to 305 mm
  • Highest pressure : 10 kg/cm2
  • Minimum conductivity: 10us
  • Output: 4 -20 mA Dc
  • Service temperature : -5oC to 55oC
  • Liquid temperature : 0oC to 150oC
  • Fit for conductive liquids: 20 micro Siemens
  • Accuracy: ±5% of actual flow rate
  • 4 keys for parameter programming
  • Finding empty tube and alert
  • Fully stainless steel construction
  • Power: 10 KW
  • Environmental temperature : 0 to 55oC