Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Meters (Rotameters) are mainly applied when high pressure, temperature or corrosive conditions where the use of conventional glass tube is not possible. They are designed to measure flow rate of liquids, gases & steam under critical conditions.Metal Tube Rotameters Manufacturers, Exporters Suppliers in India, GUJARAT

Flowtech Metal Tube Rotameters have Single Piece (Jointless) PTFE / PP Claded Body, the best material for maximum durability and threadless body to prevent corrosion. With the angular scale of high accuracy flowtech provide Metal Tube Rotameters in various sizes from ½” to 4″ and 50 M³ / Hr range. Two-tone powder coated excellent finish and efficient design which ensure that float does not project out of the body.
All the Metal tube Rotameters by Flowtech are ISO certified which is a trademark of our trait to not adjust with the quality of the products. Flowtech Metal Tube Rotameters are featured with Inductive Proximity Switch, Control unit, mounting by DIN Rail, Screwed fitting, Namur, ABS housing, accepts the input of both 230 V AC/ 110 V AC (-15% + 10%) and accuracy of Accuracy: +/- 2% Of Full Scale.