Reflex Level Indicator Manufacturers, Exporters Suppliers in India, GUJARATWhen the light strikes the area of glass covered by the liquid it is allowed to pass to the Interior of the gauge so that the area appears dark (Black). While the light strikes the open space, above the liquid level it is reflected back to the observer so that the area appears silver-white. We can clearly see the actual liquid level in the systems.

FLOWTECH Instrument offers Reflex Level Gauge for the Measurement of liquid level at a glance in tank particularly for High pressure, High Temperature or Toxic Liquid Storage Tanks in the industries like petrochemicals, fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals & Chemical industries.

These gauges have a prism glass window that uses the basic optical principles of light refraction & reflection to enhance the indication of the liquid level.

Specifications of the flowtech Reflex level Indicator:

  • Type: Reflex / Transparent
  • Visibility: Full Visibility / Partial Visibility
  • Liquid Chamber: Carbon Steel, S.S.304, S.S.304 (L), S.S.316, S.S.316 (L), P.P
  • Cover Plate: Carbon Steel, S.S.304, S.S.304 (L), S.S.316, S.S.316 (L), P.P
  • Gasket: CAF, PTFE, Graphoil, Other On request
  • Glass: Borosilicate Toughened of Indigenous – Temperature Range up to 125oC, Klinger / Maxos Make
  • Temperature Range Up to 400oC, other on request
  • Frost free arrangement on request.
  • 3000 mm length in a single piece.
  • In reflex level gauges, the glass has precision groves cut inner side and mainly used for colorless liquids.
  • Imported/indigenous glasses on request.