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A magnetized float moves with level in external chamber (cage) which is coupled with the tank.

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Magnetically coupled follower capsule or roller or ball indicates the liquid level externally.

  • Reliable for aggressive, combustible, toxic, high pressure and high temperature (up to 150 degree liquid storage tanks.
  • Suitable for Ethylene, Benzene, Toluene, Alcohols, Acids, Alkalis, Liquefied gases like NH3, Cl2, LPG, PCl3, so and poisonous/toxic liquid like DMA, TEA etc.
  • High and low-level switching can be offered in weather/flameproof housing on request.
  • Magnetic Level Transmitter can be provided on request.

Flowtech makes Magnetic Level Gauge provides clear, high clarity indication of liquid level. Magnetic Level Gauges are principally designed as an alternative to glass level gauges. Flowtech Instruments Services offers Magnetic Level Gauges in top-bottom, top and side mounted construction with two types of indicator system i.e. Capsule and Bi-color Rollers. Magnetic Level Gauge is consists of three major components: Float Chamber, Float and Indicator System.Side Magnetic Level Indicator